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This is SevenBits.

SevenBits designs, develops, markets, and sells open-source and commercial products for the modern era. The mission? Create. The tools? Hearts, hands, and minds. The goal? To make technology more easily usable and accessible. Perfectionists, no holds are barred, no corners are cut, and no sacrifices are made. Nothing but the highest quality code enters the ovens, and nothing but scrumptious apps exit. Join us and make your life better.

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Room 40

Room 40™ is an easy-to-use encryption program for the Mac. Based on highly secure and tested algorithms, it offers military-grade protection for your sensitive documents and data. In this modern era, your important files can easily be stolen by any number of unscrupulous parties, sometimes even without your knowledge. This is an essential tool for anyone dealing with personal information. Don’t leave your or your clients’ data at risk. Protect it with Room 40 — now available on the Mac App Store!

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Insane BF

Traditional languages are so antiquated. So easy to read. Much too easy to program in. Let's change that. Insane BF is an application for OS X that lets you run code written in Brainf**k from an easy-to-use graphical interface. Because sometimes, the easiest things make the hardest things seem easier.

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Incinerator is an app that securely erases files from your hard drive with extreme prejudice. It is capable of obliterating pretty much any file in its way - and yours. When you normally erase a file on your Mac, more often than not, the file can still be retrieved. Don't take chances: protect your data with Incinerator!

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Mac Linux USB Loader

Mac Linux USB Loader is a tool for the Mac that lets you create bootable thumb drives containing your favorite installation of Linux — but unlike other major tools like unetbootin, the drives it creates can be booted on a Mac. Built upon core Mac technologies and powered by Enterprise, Mac Linux USB Loader is open-source, and supports most of the major Linux distributions in use today — including Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Kali Linux, and more!

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Enterprise is a simple (U)EFI boot manager that boots Linux from ISO disc images. Originally designed to compliment Mac Linux USB Loader, it can also be used on its own to boot Linux on a variety of UEFI-based PCs and Macs. Enterprise provides an easy-to-use and simplistic interface that automates many of the tasks necessary to boot distributions of Linux from an ISO file. It is written in portable C, and can be compiled to run on both 32-bit and 64-bit EFI firmware types.

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