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No nonsense, no frills, encryption for the Mac. Now available on the Mac App Store.

Room 40 is encryption software — software designed to keep your important data safe, secure, and away from prying eyes. Without Room 40, whenever you send important documents over email, copy them to portable flash drives, or even let others use your computer, you are potentially giving unknown people a treasure-trove of personal data. Don’t let this happen — with Room 40, you can keep your data safe.

Need to decrypt a file created with Room 40? Download the free Room 40 decryptor now!

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Room 40’s goal is to make encrypting and decrypting files as simple as can be. For this reason, it is designed to be simple, fast, and modern. The guiding principle behind Room 40 is that you shouldn’t have to figure out how to use it — it should be simple enough for beginners to figure out, but complex enough so advanced users feel right at home. Of course, anything that’s missing in the initial release will be added in updates.

The vault

The Vault

Store all of your important documents in one place — the vault. Like a bank vault, Room 40's vault allows you to store your sensitive documents and data so that only you can access it — provided you know the secret password, of course. Using the vault means that all of your sensitive data is kept in one secure location on your computer. The vault even makes it easy to send encrypted copies of files to your friends, family, business partners, or clients.

  • Store your documents in an encrypted format in the vault
  • Organize your files in one or more containers — separate your personal and business files, for example
  • Easily export files from the vault to send to coworkers, family, or friends
The Room 40 encryption wizard

No-Nonsense Encryption Wizard

Room 40 doesn't make you jump through hoops and configure lots of silly settings just to get your sensitive documents protected. Don't let software give you grief. With Room 40, you get military-grade document protection using the only encryption standard endorsed by the US government. And if that's simply overkill for you, you have two other encryption ciphers from which you can choose.

To give you an example of the quality of the ciphers included in Room 40, we’ve uploaded an encrypted copy of Room 40’s own source code here. We think this should give you an idea of the power of Room 40, since if you do manage to crack the encryption, we’d be out a lot of time and effort.

The Room 40 decryption wizard

Easy Encryption & Decryption

Many other encryption software packages require you to jump through hoops to get your files encrypted, or they lock you into their software by forcing others to buy their software to decrypt the files you send to them. But not Room 40! Room 40 includes a free decryption program for OS X that anyone can download without paying a penny. For those running other operating systems, there is a free web-based decryption program that can decrypt files created by Room 40.


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