PureDarwin's Work is Fantastic


I’ve had a longtime interest in PureDarwin, an attempt to build a version of Darwin using only free and open-source software. Darwin is the UNIX-based environment that underlies Apple’s macOS operating system. Many parts of Darwin are open-source, but many components are closed-source and proprietary. Apple hasn’t realized a full, complete build of Darwin usable by end-users in over 15 years.

Thus, I was very surprised and happy to see that PureDarwin has just realized a new build based on top of macOS High Sierra (Darwin 17). You can grab the build from their GitHub repository and, most crucially, run it on your Mac without requiring anything more than QEMU installed on your Mac.

I’ll be experimenting with this new build over the next few weeks, and I want to thank the PureDarwin team for their very hard work.

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