Mac Linux USB Loader v3.1 Beta Released w/ Kali Linux Support


Hello, everyone. Long time no see. I am happy to announce the release of the Mac Linux USB Loader 3.1 beta. This is strictly pre-release, and I do not recommend upgrading unless you have some experience dealing with beta software.

The pre-release contains the following changes from the current version:

  • Updated to include version 0.3.0 of Enterprise, also a pre-release
  • Added support for two languages, Spanish and Dutch
  • Removed unnecessary menu options from the menu bar
  • The Enterprise source location editor in the Preferences dialog now shows localized paths to the Enterprise source
  • Enterprise sources can now be renamed (except the default)
  • Write the new Enterprise configuration file format
  • Fixes for users with case-sensitive file systems
  • Updated Ubuntu and Elementary OS version support (mirrors for these distributions will be available upon the final release of this version)

And finally (drumroll please)…

  • Kali Linux support

The final version should be shipping very soon. Please take this opportunity to try and report any bugs which you might find.

Note about Kali: There are bugs in the current version of Kali which stop it from working on older Macs with nVidia graphics cards. I am in touch with the Kali developers and we are working to fix the problem.

Click here to download the beta and feel free to contact me and donate to the project.

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